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Video: John Shehata, the Global Vice President at Condé Nast on Search

This interview covers the early days of SEO, Google News and Discover SEO, AMP, career development and more.


6 tactics to rank better in Google Discover

While you can’t target users or interests, you can increase your chances of ranking better in Google Discover. At SMX Next, John Shehata shared the tactics he uses to up the odds and analyze what works.

George Nguyen on November 23, 2021 – https://searchengineland.com/6-tactics-to-rank-better-in-google-discover-376385

John Shehata trains NYU Journalism Students

At the NYU Summer Publishing Institute, our students are lucky to learn about SEO from John Shehata, Global VP, Audience Development Strategy & CRM at Condé Nast and Founder of NewzDash.com News SEO Analytics.

In 2020, two of our NYU SPI grads got the opportunity to continue their SEO studies with John, learning the ins and outs of what it means to be an SEO editor. We caught up with these SEO experts to hear about what they’ve learned and their new jobs at Hennessey Digital as junior on-site SEO editors.

NYU.com – https://www.sps.nyu.edu/homepage/academics/divisions-and-departments/center-for-publishing/highlights/2021/seo-what-you-need-to-know.html

302 of a kind: News SEO with special guest John Shehata, Condé Nast

Google News SEO – Everything Publishers Need to Know

Most news publishers and media organizations want their top story — especially a breaking news story — to rank highest among the most read and shared news articles.  As SEO specialists with extensive newsroom and publishing experience, we would like to share some insights and tips for ranking within Google News SEO.   How can you optimize your news story to be the leading source among your competitors on Google News?  What are some best practices and tips for news optimization?  What is SEO for news sites? 

John Shehata – https://www.newzdash.com/guide/google-news-optimization-news-seo

SEO for News Publications or Media Websites

Announcing the News and Editorial SEO Summit

John Shehata and I have teamed up to deliver the first online event dedicated exclusively to SEO for news publishers, taking place on October 26th & 27th this year

Barry Adams Aug 25, 2021 – https://www.seoforgooglenews.com/p/ness-2021

Google News SEO & Google Discover with Conde Nast’s John Shehata [Podcast]

On this episode of the SEJ Show, Loren hosts John Shehata of Conde Nast to discuss Google News, Google Discover, making the most of jumping on trends in News Search, what John feels will be a News Search focus in 2021 and a little bit about NewzDash.

searchenginejournal.com – Brent Csutoras / February 24, 2021 / 1 min read

Video: John Shehata, the Global Vice President at Condé Nast on Search

This interview covers the early days of SEO, Google News and Discover SEO, AMP, career development and more.

We spoke about:

  • The early days of SEO, with a focus on Google News SEO and some general SEO
  • Tips on ranking well in Google News and Google Discover
  • His Newzdash product and how it can help publishers
  • Google AMP and will publishers keep it
  • How to advance your career in search marketing

searchengineland.com – Barry Schwartz on June 21, 2021 at 8:32 am

21 Skills to Supercharge Your In House SEO Teams | John Shehata, Conde Nast

YouTube & Videos Visibility in Google News & SERPs for 2020

As many news publishers struggle to drive revenue and monetize different streams, it is obvious Videos is a one of the most important streams every publisher should pay attention to. Not just because of high CPMs – way higher than display ads – but for the strong Videos Content Visibility across many of Google surfaces. In this analysis we will try to shed the light on Videos Content Visibility in Google News and Google SERPs and the different opportunities publisher may take advantage of.

John Shehata 2020 – https://www.newzdash.com/guide/youtube-videos-visibility-google-news-serps

Understanding Enterprise SEO with John Shehata