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SEO Process

Search Engine Optimization Process: 0- SEO Site Audit » Site Audit » Dead Links » Usability » Branding 1- Keywords Research» Keyword Search Volume» Short Tail vs. Long Tail» Site Logs» Competitor Analysis» Keyword Buzz» Keyword Trend 2- Keyword/Page Mapping» Primary and Secondary Keywords» Keyword Placement 3- On-Page Optimization» Page Title tag» Meta Description» other […]

SEO Site Audit

In every SEO conference I attend there must be multiple site clinic sessions. Webmasters and business owners ask questions to a bunch of SEO gurus. What I noticed is that there is no process or structured methodology to Audit a site. Also i noticed that most of webmasters/business owners are not very familiar with SEO […]

Google, Yahoo & Bing Top Searches for 2009

Google News you see from the list, users still search using 1 of 5 patterns:Full Names (Michael Jackson, Bernie Madoff, Rush Limbaugh, Sonia Sotomayor, …)Locations (Iceland, California, …)Hot Subjects (cash for clunkers, unemployment rate, universal health care, …)Organizations (heritage foundation, …)Events (NASCAR, …) Google Web twitter2. michael jackson3. facebook4. hulu5. hi56. glee7. paranormal activity8. natasha […]